• History
  • Aim & Objectives
Establishment of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners
There is hereby established an organization called the “Nigerian Institute of Town Planners” hereinafter called the “Institute” with its headquarters in the Federal Capital of Nigeria. The Institute shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue and be sued.


The Aim of the Institute shall be “Attainment of sustainable human settlements”


The Institute shall have the following objectives:
  • a. The advancement of public awareness of the importance of their living and working environments and the necessity for their protection.
  • b. The advancement of Town Planning Education, Training, Research and Practice.
  • c. The dissemination of Town Planning information through conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and publications.
  • d. The establishment and enforcement of a code of professional practice and conduct for Town Planning Practitioners in Nigeria.
  • e. The protection of the practice of the profession and the promotion of the welfare of those practicing it.
  • f. The acquisition and disposal of landed properties and other assets and the raising of funds where necessary, for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Institute.
  • g. The maintenance and extension of the value of the profession for public good by advising, educating and informing members of the public, government and nongovernmental, statutory bodies, associations, institutions and such like bodies on all matters coming within the scope of the profession;
  • h. The initiation and consideration of any legislation relevant to the object of the Institute;
  • i. The acceptance of any gift, endowment or bequest made to or for the institute and in the carrying on of any trust attached to such gift, endowed or bequest.
  • j. The doing of all such other lawful things as may be associated with or may be incidental or conducive to the furtherance of Town Planning in Nigeria.